Governance & stakeholder engagement

Governance structure

Our sustainability executive committee is comprised of five members from BCD’s global executive team and representatives from functions relevant to our sustainability initiative. The committee meets four times per year to discuss strategy and to oversee efforts in corporate responsibility, human rights, environmental stewardship, employee health and safety, ethical business practices, information security, community initiatives, diversity and inclusion and equal opportunity. We routinely monitor our internal Code of Conduct and compliance with related laws and regulations.

Specialists from functional teams define, implement and coordinate initiatives that contribute and ensure the success of our sustainability and strategic goals.

The global sustainability team and local country coordinators help raise awareness throughout the organization on the issues represented by our sustainability principles.

BCD Travel also maintains separate leadership groups dedicated to areas such as operations, risk and compliance, supply chain and environment, health and
safety. These groups include leaders with relevant expertise from business segments and functions. They meet periodically to evaluate our progress in implementing our strategies and to evaluate performance goals.

Stakeholder engagement

We have a diverse range of stakeholders, including our customers and their travelers, travel industry groups, charities, sustainability groups and BCD staff.

We engage our stakeholders around the globe in our planning and strategic development, to make sure our business direction reflects the proper priorities and business travel industry best practices. Our local markets play an important role in forming relationships with local stakeholders.

For us, engagement is a continual process, rather than a one-off exercise.

We use a wide range of methods to reach our stakeholders, including focus groups, workshops, formal research and the myriad of conversations which take place between our staff, partners and customers on a daily basis.