Governance & stakeholder engagement

Governance Structure

We believe that a high level of corporate governance helps maintain our reputation as a trusted partner for our customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Supervisory Board, Management Board and Executive Committee

BCD Travel’s Governance and Enterprise Risk Management structure is comprised of (a) Supervisory Board (Board of Directors), (b) Management Board (President & CEO, COO & CCO and Global CFO reporting to the Supervisory Board, among others, about all ERM topics) and (c) Executive Committee (Members of Management Board and Regional/Divisional Presidents & Global Function Executives such as EVP Supplier Relations, EVP Global Client Team and EVP Technology). All operational management across all functions has responsibility for directly identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks. Operational management is supported by internal risk and compliance functions such as Information Security, Legal, Finance, HR, Performance & Process Solutions, Internal Audit and Sustainability in identifying, assessing and mitigating risk. External risk and compliance experts are engaged to support as indicated.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee comprises the global CFO, the SVP Internal Audit, SVP Global Legal and a representative of the BCD Travel Supervisory Board responsible for compliance.

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability Core Team

The Sustainability Core Team defines our sustainability strategy, long-term and annual objectives. Quarterly updates from the Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability and the global executive team ensure that these leaders have complete insight into our sustainability program and how it’s integrated throughout our organization—from strategic planning and risk management to monitoring implementation and performance. The Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability reports directly to the global CEO.

Global Sustainability Team

The Global Sustainability Team is led by the Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability and the Director of Sustainability. To implement, monitor and maintain our sustainability projects and goals, we rely on a structure of regional and local in-country sustainability coordinators across our global network. Representatives from various functions across our global network such as human resources, marketing, sales, program management, product development, consultancy, and meetings and events provide valuable input to our sustainability initiatives. This dedicated group of individuals helps raise awareness on sustainability issues and aids in advancing the standards of environmental, ethical and social business practices within our organization. The team meets on a monthly basis.

We also maintain separate leadership groups dedicated to areas such as operations, risk and compliance, internal audit, legal, and global procurement. These groups include leaders with relevant expertise from business segments and functions. The Sustainability Core Team meets periodically with these stakeholder groups to evaluate progress in implementing our strategies and to evaluate performance goals.

Environment, Health & Safety Committee

The Director of Sustainability is responsible for monitoring our global environment, health and safety (EHS) management system, aligning quarterly with EHS coordinators in our wholly-owned countries and facilitating annual external ISO audits. A global network of local EHS coordinators ensures that all requirements of the management system are met in all office locations in their countries.

The Director of Sustainability reports to the Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability.

BCD Travel is currently ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (health & safety) certified in 29 countries.

Diversity & Inclusion Councils

The Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability is the central point of contact for regional D&I Councils and is responsible for defining and guiding the internal diversity & inclusion program.

D&I Global Councils across five regions provide recommendations for D&I strategies, set local and regional goals and champion education programs in their regions and local markets.

The Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability reports to the Global CEO.

Human Trafficking Committee
The Human Trafficking Committee is championed by a group of dedicated individuals throughout our global organization to create internal and external awareness for human trafficking. The committee’s mission is to educate on the vulnerabilities, signs to look for and where to report if someone suspects human trafficking. All efforts are aimed at eradicating human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.

The committee works closely with ECPAT and A21 in raising awareness through education. The Vice President and Executive Chair Sustainability is the Executive Sponsor for the committee.

Stakeholder Engagement

We have a diverse range of stakeholders, including our customers and their travelers, travel industry groups, charities, sustainability groups and BCD staff. We engage our stakeholders around the globe in our planning and strategic development, to make sure our business direction reflects the proper priorities and business travel industry best practices. Our local markets play an important role in forming relationships with local stakeholders.

For us, engagement is a continual process, rather than a one-off exercise. We use a wide range of methods to reach our stakeholders, including focus groups, workshops, formal research and the myriad of conversations that take place between our staff, partners and customers on a daily basis.