We’re committed to supporting a healthy and sustainable environment by establishing policies and programs that specifically address how we conduct business in a safe, environmentally-sound manner while following relevant legislation and regulations.
Responsible consumption and production Sustainable Development Goal
Climate Action Sustainable Development Goal
Partnership Sustainable Development Goal

Measuring progress

Measuring our environmental performance is key.

We have implemented several mechanisms that allow us to track our progress, including measuring and reporting on our carbon footprint annually.

Our global environmental management system is aligned with the following initiatives.

Our annual consolidated carbon footprint is externally verified and is published in an annual carbon verification statement.

View the BCD Travel Carbon Verification Statement:


We also engage with external parties to validate our annual environmental reporting

  • ISO 14001 certification audits in 100% of our wholly owned operations
  • ISO 14064-3 – carbon footprint reduction
  • EcoVadis – Platinum rating in 2020 and 2021
  • CDP response for 10 years

Innovation in environmental management

With the significant increase of natural disasters over the last few years, the impact of climate change has gained more attention than ever before from the media, governments and institutions across the world. How the corporate travel industry addresses its part in this impact is not a new question. BCD Travel has taken key steps to managing our environmental impact over the last five years. Starting with the implementation of our global environment, health and safety management system in 2017, we have already been able to make great strides in this area. Now is the time to build on this solid foundation.

Our role as trusted advisor to our clients and in the wider travel industry extends to environmental thought leadership. From being the first travel management company to sign up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), to innovative sustainable business travel services, we continue to push boundaries in environmental management both within our organization and for our clients.

Our aim is always to collaborate with key industry partners to uncover trends and best practices that bring about positive change for the next generation.

Environmental impact strategy

Our environmental impact strategy focuses on the three core components of our materiality analysis.

Science Based Targets initiative

science based targets logo

Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the need for clarity around setting impactful environmental goals at the organizational level that will enable lasting positive change.

Initiatives like the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) have led to many global corporate organizations setting ambitious science-based targets – BCD Travel is no different. Building on our industry leadership in environmental management, we were the first travel management company to join the SBTi in early 2020.

We submitted our carbon reduction target to reduce our absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions by 35% by 2030 from a 2016 base year in December 2021. We expect validation in Q2 2022.

This new goal challenges us to work even harder to reduce our environmental footprint, while actively engaging with our suppliers and customers to reduce CO2 emissions through our supply chain.

Sustainable operations

Our global operations have revealed a significant opportunity to reduce our global footprint – with 63% of our footprint attributable to our offices and data centers. As a result, we built our strategy around operational carbon reduction as an area of key control and impact. Our approach has always included setting ambitious goals to improve our environmental performance. In doing so, we continue to influence our peers and environmental best practices in and beyond our industry. 

We have been transitioning to a circular and low-carbon economy, focusing on minimizing GHG emissions, reducing our waste, consuming less water and increasing our usage of renewable electricity.

Green data centers

To reduce our data centers’ environmental impact, the BCD data center team continues to implement and improve existing energy efficiency programs across the Information Technology (IT) landscape. Key initiatives range from maintaining ISO14001:2015 certification and server virtualization to deploying Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure, reliable and scalable cloud computing services.

As a result, we have been able to achieve a significant reduction in operating costs and data center space, as well as decreasing electricity consumption by 54.8% between 2016 and 2021.

Environmental awareness

Education and awareness on climate change, its impact and what we’re doing to lessen our effect on the environment is essential to our employee experience – it’s just one of the reasons our people love working at BCD Travel and we continue to attract and retain leading talent.

Our sustainability education and awareness strategy spans reporting, internal campaigns and policy awareness to learning and development and social media and blog posts.

Through our Sustainability at BCD intranet hub we encourage all employees to participate in annual global environmental initiatives such as Earth Hour, Earth Day and World Environment Day. We regularly share tips with employees on how they can contribute to our environmental goals. We collate ideas from BCD employees all around the world to inspire their colleagues, as well as provide recommendations on the latest environmental apps. Our people can like, comment on and share these posts, so they feel part of a community that’s having a positive impact on the environment globally.


2022 Sustainability Update

Our 2022 Sustainability Update summarizes activities, achievements and progress against our key performance indicators covering the calendar year 2021.

or download full 2021 Sustainability Report.

Overview, sustainability documents and leadership perspective

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