Travel safer with a Delta partner

Stay safer with Delta partner airlines.

Delta and Delta airline partners are dedicated to creating safer travel experiences. To help travelers prepare for safer travels, Delta partner airlines place a strong emphasis on flexibility, cleanliness and information.


Delta partners with world-class airlines around the world to provide the most choice and flexibility when booking and traveling. Each Delta airline partner has detailed information about flight schedule changes, route updates and policies on their websites linked below.


Delta partners are dedicated to traveler safety. Here are a few ways these partner airlines ensure safety throughout the journey:

  • Cleaning aircraft using a high-grade disinfecting product that has been tested to be effective against viruses
  • Strict hygiene measures are in place with the thorough cleaning of all customer contact surfaces such as the galleys, lavatories, tray tables, seat armrests and headrests, seatbelt buckles, the power supply unit panel, overhead bin door latches and lavatory door handles. Hand sanitizer is also being supplied throughout the travel journey.
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA) in the aircraft air circulation system remove dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses and other particles from air in pressurized cabins and cockpits. HEPA has a particle removal efficiency of 99.99 percent. The system also introduces filtered air into the cabin every two to six minutes.


Review the Delta partner airline websites below to learn more about Delta airline partners, their dedication to safety and more.

Aeromexico | Air France | China Eastern | KLM | Korean Air | LATAM | WestJet | Virgin Atlantic | Virgin Australia

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