BCD Travel launches global Life Sciences Center of Excellence

BCD rolls out new Life Sciences service offerings to business travel customers across the healthcare spectrum.

BCD Travel has established a Life Sciences Center of Excellence (LSCOE) to support customers across the healthcare spectrum. The new LSCOE will service pharmaceutical and medical device companies, biotechs, hospital systems, contract research organizations, insurance and more.

BCD knows life sciences

BCD is the worldwide travel, meetings, and consultancy leader for the life sciences industry. They’ve been focused on the space for nearly 20 years and are an established expert in the sector, already servicing 90% of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Bolstered by the success of the existing BCD Meetings & Events Life Sciences Center of Excellence, the team will work to:

  • Maximize the health care provider, patient and traveler experience while balancing complex compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Identify novel value drivers specific to life sciences organizations
  • Leverage expertise, capabilities, and technology to deliver best-in-class programs
  • Provide holistic solutions across travel, meetings, HCP/patient engagements and consultancy
  • Deliver patient-centered programs that increase transparency, maintain sensitive care requirements and limit study team burden

Patient-centric service

BCD’s expanded service offerings, including patient travel, break free from traditional models to further enhance travel programs, leverage cost and improve experience. Clinical trials, always a crucial factor in the life sciences ecosystem, have achieved new prominence in the COVID era. BCD will soon reveal a new approach to improve patient travel and logistics. The solution will enhance transparency and improve patient centricity within the benefits of a managed travel program.

Kessie Bratko, Senior Vice President, Global Client Team and Life Sciences Center of Excellence Senior Executive

“We are excited to launch a Life Sciences Center of Excellence, one that builds upon BCD Meetings & Events’ focus and together allows us to channel our expertise into global, compliant and comprehensive solutions that solve for our customers’ unique and complex program needs,” said Kessie Bratko, Senior Vice President, Global Client Team and Life Sciences Center of Excellence Senior Executive. Bratko, and BCD Senior Director Jessica Azoulay, lead the new LSCOE.

“BCD demonstrates strategic leadership, innovation, and collaboration that reaches far beyond the confines of traditional travel and meetings management,” said Paige Furr, Global Business Service, Enterprise Travel and Meetings at Pfizer. “We applaud BCD for evolving their Life Sciences Center of Excellence during a pandemic, illustrating that their focus on the voice of the customer has not wavered in uncertain times. The heightened focus on patient-centricity shows leadership and is squarely in line with what’s most important to us.”

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