New COVID-19 information enhancements in TripSource

Here’s how BCD’s TripSource is helping business travelers make informed decisions about traveling during the pandemic.

New enhancements in BCD’s TripSource® platform help make it easier for travelers’ to find up-to-date COVID-19 travel information. Travelers now receive push notifications and messages in their trip timeline, with links to the COVID-19 Info Hub for real-time information on specific airlines, airports and international destinations.

How it works

If a TripSource user is flying from New York to Amsterdam on a KLM flight, they will receive links to:

  • Health and security information for The Netherlands
  • Travel information and guidelines for KLM
  • Information about traveling to Schiphol airport

New filter options to identify hotels with enhanced cleaning procedures

When looking for a hotel in TripSource, travelers can now also apply a filter to identify hotels with enhanced cleaning procedures, health checks and physical distancing protocols. This information is supplied directly from the hotels in the same manner they provide other amenity details such as fitness centers, airport shuttles and restaurant information. BCD also recently updated its COVID-19 Information Hub with multi-language functionality and new country level information, including mandatory testing requirements, necessary health certifications and quarantine rules.

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