Drive intelligent business decisions

Transform your data into actionable insights

Data is the heartbeat of any corporate travel program. With DecisionSource®, we’ll decode your travel program data, giving you proactive notifications and actionable insights into traveler behavior, program compliance, supplier negotiations, and even your duty of care program.


Make faster, more confident decisions

Stop drowning in travel data  – and start seeing your program in a new light. Keep up with your program’s performance with quick, at-a-glance dashboards designed to highlight your performance, so you can get back to the business at hand. We’ll monitor your program, and let you know when we see areas for improvement. Time to negotiate with your top suppliers? We’ve got your back. Get the insights you need to make fast, confident decisions.


Keep your travelers safe

Navigating the new realities of travel mean taking your duty of care solutions up a notch.

Use data intelligence to map your travelers’ current and upcoming locations against risk events happening globally. Automated technology solutions proactively check in with travelers when crisis events occur, while notifying you at the same time. With access to traveler and risk data in real-time, on any device, you can make smart decisions to keep your travelers safe.


Quality you can count on

Dashboards, proactive insights, and security maps are great… but how do you know you can trust the data behind them?  At BCD, we take data quality seriously. We start by consolidating data from 200+ sources to give you a holistic view of your program. Then we normalize and enrich your data to fill in any gaps.  Our 24×7 data quality monitoring ensures we can fast track any corrections. Only clean data makes it’s way to you. That’s quality you can count on.

DecisionSource in action

See how DecisionSource helps companies in real life. Download our case study and learn how Pitney Bowes used DecisionSource to save $2.7 million and improve duty of care.

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pitney bowes case study

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