Case study: Pitney Bowes saves $2.7 million with DecisionSource

Pitney Bowes’ travel policy adhered to best-in-class standards; nonetheless, many of its 15,000 employees weren’t following the policy when booking trips. Their noncompliance drove up costs and made it difficult to keep track of travelers’ whereabouts—an important component of the company’s duty of care to employees.

The global technology company turned to DecisionSource®, BCD Travel’s proprietary data management tool, to better understand and manage traveler behavior. DecisionSource enabled customized Travel Report Card reports defined by business unit or line of business. Travel program leaders saw which departments had the biggest opportunity for improvement with noncompliant travelers. Then they reached out to those departmental leaders and began educating travelers about the travel policy and why compliance matters—both to their safety and to the company’s bottom line.

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Tension in a trouble zone sparks BCD Travel evacuation plan

Planning and cooperation contribute to the successful evacuation of expatriates in Egypt In the midst of growing political unrest in early July, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo closed and the State Department advised all non-essential U.S. citizens to leave Egypt. Our client, an aerospace and defense contractor, knew evacuations were imminent for their expatriates living in the region and they asked BCD Travel to handle the evacuation plan.

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2017 Industry Forecast White Paper

Advito Industry Forecast 2017

Advito, the consulting arm of BCD Travel, publishes its annual Industry Forecast to give travel and procurement managers a range of projected prices for business travel. They can use the projections to benchmark their corporate travel programs’ successes against key performance indicators and to prepare for supplier negotiations and budgeting.

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Mobilize your travel program

Mobilize your travel program: Engage with the mobile world - BCD Travel white paper

Now that mobile is coming to the forefront of business travel, applications are the next step to ensure your company’s success. Mobile has quickly evolved from an instant messaging tool to a personal command center. Your travelers are using them at home and on the road—making mobile devices a great way to connect with colleagues and the program itself.

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Mondelez case study

A new case study delves into how Advito’s traveler engagement practice helped Mondelēz International, a global snack foods giant, tap into the power of influencing traveler behavior.

Advito, the consulting arm of BCD Travel, helped Mondelēz create a messaging campaign that successfully encouraged employees to spend less—and spend smarter—on every trip.

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Case Study: End-to-end solution lowers travel costs

A leading multinational consulting firm had a particular set of challenges in Belgium and they needed BCD Travel’s help to resolve them. Their complex booking and expense process was driving up invoice errors and travel costs. The cumbersome process required manual approvals and administration through an on-site agency setup.

Our client wanted an end-to-end solution to make the process easier, faster and more accurate from booking, to approval and administration. They wanted to reduce office space. And they wanted
this accomplished within a two-year time frame.

We worked together with our client to develop a new, completely automated end-to-end travel process. The implementation of the new process took several steps:

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Travel Risk Management white paper

BCD Travel white paper - Travel Risk Management: Keeping business travelers safe and secure

All business travelers face risk when they travel, and that risk is shared by employers. Today’s travel managers fully understand how important travel risk management (TRM) is to their travel program, their travelers and their company. This paper offers expert advice, industry insights and customer case studies on how companies have successfully created travel risk management programs. BCD travel TRM experts offer seven distinct, digestible steps that any company can take to better prepare for travel crises and disruptions.

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The rise of the sharing economy

The sharing economy: Does it have a place in your managed travel program? - white paper

Sharing economy suppliers like Airbnb and Uber have set their sights on corporate business. The time is right for travel managers to consider the merits of sharing economy suppliers. Investigate the sharing economy before dismissing it or banning it in its entirety. Advito’s whitepaper explains more about managing travel in a sharing economy.

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