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The industry’s hottest artists and labels rely on us to make their music and promotional tour travel effortless.

With our attention to every detail, you can trust us to know we have you and your artists’ back, every step of their journey.

From planning global promotional tours to every en route detail, we’ve got you, your writers, artists, crew and equipment covered 24 hours a day.

We’ll get them where they need to be, taking care of every detail along the way so they arrive ready to perform.

And we’ll keep watch over them to ensure they’re safe, making alternate arrangements if something has the potential to disrupt their travel.

On the back end, we can make payment invisible to your travelers and easy for you and provide analytics that help you keep track of your budget.

BCD Media & Entertainment,
you get a solution as distinct as your production.
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Charlotte Gale

Senior Business Travel Consultant, BCD Travel

Making the impossible happen all day, every day

For some BCD entertainment travel agents, the reward for “making the impossible happen all day, every day” is being part of the creative process. “I have always had a passion for music and came from a family of musicians. It’s great to work in that world,” said Charlotte Gale, who’s based in London and serves a multinational music conglomerate that’s been a BCD client for more than 20 years. She’s seen—and done—it all, from arranging for a superstar musician to bypass keen fans with a golf cart ride through the back halls of an international airport to calling London nightclubs to find where a big-name singer left his prized leather jacket. Charlotte’s secret to success? “I never say no!”



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