Inform Report 2020 Travel risk survival kit

Prepare for travel risks Traveler care is top of mind because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But other business travel risks haven’t disappeared. Get strategic guidance on what’s ahead and how to mitigate risks, manage through crises and keep travelers safe and informed. Download report

Inform Report Managing Air quality

What can corporate travel managers do to protect their travelers against air pollution? How can business travelers guard against the harmful effects of polluted air? This new Inform report about air quality and business travel helps travel managers to get informed about air pollution, find out if travelers are at risk and plan how to act on it.

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Inform Report Policy

This report takes a closer look at how technologies like machine learning, chatbots et al can transform travel policy. The days of using it as a blunt instrument to ensure travelers book cost-effectively and stay safe are numbered. Today, technology is …

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