Why train travel makes business sense with Avanti West Coast

It’s not just a case of ‘no plane, no pain’ – though there’s a lot to be said for avoiding the hassle of airport security.

Avanti West Coast are on a mission to continually improve the experience of going by train, including investing £350m in a brand new fleet that will transform travel on the West Coast Mainline. With everything from comfortable seats and onboard WiFi to lower carbon emissions, there are numerous reasons why travelling with Avanti makes sound business sense.

Go green, cut emissions

Leave the car at home, take the train and you’ll cut carbon emissions by two thirds. If you normally fly, swapping the plane for the train makes an even bigger difference. For example, a 401-mile round train trip from London to Glasgow emits only 24 kg per passenger. Fly the same distance and you’ll rack up 158 kg – that’s over six times as much. Avanti West Coast is also committed to cutting energy and water use on trains and at stations; another reason why they’re on track to be net zero carbon by 2031. Whatever your company’s sustainability targets, choosing to go by train makes them easier to achieve.

Make travel time productive time

Whether you want to prep for the meeting or need to catch up on emails, Avanti helps make your journey time productive time. Onboard you’ll stay connected with free WiFi, plus you can keep your devices charged with seat-side sockets. You can also refuel yourself with a choice of tasty snacks and drinks from the onboard shop; not forgetting, of course that all-important coffee or tea. Upgrade to Standard Premium for a bigger seat and a guaranteed table. Arrive in the heart of the city in great shape to do business.  

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