Watch now: Keep travelers safe with BCD Alert

Keeping travelers safe is a 24/7 job but you don’t have to do it alone. Watch the recording of our December 2021 online event to learn how BCD Alert can help keep your travelers safe and informed. Anytime. Anywhere.

BCD Travel developed the BCD Alert™ mobile app, specifically for travel and security managers, to provide 24/7 coverage of active travelers against destination risk and incidents, allowing managers to monitor and respond remotely.

Watch the video below to learn how BCD Alert helps travel and security managers deal with the daunting responsibility of keeping travelers safe.

YouTube video

What you can expect?

  • Which challenges are companies facing to keep their travelers safe?
  • What is BCD Alert?
  • How can BCD Alert help to keep your travelers informed?

For more information, visit the BCD Travel Alert page.

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