Top eight business travel trends for 2022

BCD Travel Research & Innovation has identified a short list of trends that will resonate with travel managers and travelers in 2022.

The pandemic has forced business travel to refocus its priorities. Along with “standards” like air, hotel, and spend management, topics like digital nomads, sustainability and cybersecurity are also headlining managed travel program agendas. Business Travel Trends for 2022, a new report from BCD Travel, tracks eight trends that will affect travel teams and travelers this year.

With new COVID variants emerging, it’s not clear when business travel will return to pre-pandemic levels, but it’s high time companies start thinking about how to future fit their travel programs,”said Jorge Cruz, Executive Vice President for Global Sales & Marketing at BCD Travel. 

What’s inside?

  • Value of business travel – Finding the right balance between virtual and in-person meetings
  • Environmentally sustainable travel – Options for reducing your carbon footprint
  • New worker expectations – What the rapid emergence of digital nomads and hybrid working means, and how travel managers should get involved
  • Globalization reset – How travel might be affected by global issues
  • People Risk Management – Expanding duty of care practices beyond business travelers to include all employees when they’re away from the office
  • Broader risks – The pandemic remains challenging but other risks never went away
  • Cybersecurity – Protecting the company and travelers from active cyber threats
  • Fintech – Innovative technologies that simplify and automate travel payment

To learn more, download the full report.

2022 top 8 business travel trends 

2022 top 8 business travel trends

The last two years have also been a time for reflection, leading to a refocus on new priorities for the future. What does this refocus mean for travel?

We’ve identified a short list of trends which we think will come to resonate with both travel managers and travelers during 2022.

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