Report: Will business travelers take the COVID-19 vaccine?

A BCD Travel Research Report uncovers what business travelers need to get back on the path to safe, unrestricted trips.

Having access to a workable vaccine is the most important catalyst for business travel to resume fully. That’s the view from 700+ business travelers surveyed for a new BCD Travel Research Report. Research found that while more than 70% of survey participants are likely to take the vaccine, many feel it’s just part of the solution to get back to safe and unrestricted business trips.

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to find out what business travelers need to get back on the path to safe trips.

Authored by the BCD Travel Research & Innovation team, The path back to safe travel: Vaccines and more examines developments in five areas related to vaccines and business travel. In each section, the experts draw their insights from primary data collected from survey participants and third-party resources. The five areas looked at are:

  • Wide distribution of effective vaccines
  • An end to or easing of national lockdowns
  • Testing available pre-departure and on arrival at airports and via airlines
  • Digital health passports
  • Travel corridors introduced between key international markets

When it comes to business trips, necessity makes all the difference

Fewer than 15% of surveyed business travelers have returned to regular travel so far; this figure should approach 60% by the middle of 2021. Nearly everyone surveyed believes they will have resumed traveling regularly by the end of the year.

Determining whether a trip is necessary ranked first among decision factors for the pollees. COVID-19 is prompting them to ask if a trip is really needed. The risk to personal health, the rate of COVID-19 infection at the destination, the need to quarantine and COVID-19 testing requirements at the destination also emerged as primary considerations.

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A Jan. 20 webinar paneled by BCD Travel’s research leaders and crisis expert will explore the findings outlined in the Research Report. Register to reserve a spot or get access to the post-event recording.

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