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Our industry is rounding a corner. The world is getting back to business, and travelers have increasingly signaled their readiness to get going again. But since the focus has been on protection instead of connection for a long time, travelers need your guidance to adjust to the new situation.

Help your employees understand what is expected of them, what they should do and when, and how to make the best decisions for themselves and the business.

The strategy should include awareness and education, safety guidelines and procedures, alignment with preferred partners and enhanced communication to maximize program effectiveness.

Our Back to Travel guide provides the answers and directions you need to reassess your travel program and lead your company back to business safely, efficiently and smartly.

This update covers five essential program areas: Duty of Care, Traveler Communication, Spend Management, Sustainability and Travel Policy.


  • A section on sustainability in business travel
  • Duty of care and the shift from travel risk management to people risk management
  • Revised considerations for air, hotel and ground programs
  • Expanded traveler engagement and communication strategies

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