Support your travelers with program advice and safety tips in BCD’s Back to Travel guide

Don’t miss the safety tips, checklists and program insights in our 2022 Back to Travel guide.

If your employees are resuming business travel after a hiatus, you can help ease the way with the program tactics and insights in BCD’s  2022 Back to Travel guide. We recently updated the guide with downloadable lists for traveler safety: on the plane, at the hotel, at the destination, and using ground transportation.

Throughout, the guide provides advice on how to reassess your travel program and lead your company back to business safely, efficiently and smartly. Back to Travel 2022 covers five essential program areas: Duty of Care, Traveler Communication, Spend Management, Sustainability and Travel Policy. It digs deep into multiple critical topics, including:

  • Why we’ve broadened our view of risk management to cover people risk management. With more companies adopting work-from-anywhere policies, all employees, irrespective of their location, may soon need risk management support.
  • How and why you should review supplier partnerships with a fresh eye and also heed what the data tells you
  • How to use Traveler Engagement strategies to get more buy-in from around the organization
  • How to right-size your program, diversity rate types and implement targets to set your program on a path to savings and success
  • Why it’s imperative for business travel programs to integrate sustainable practices that help reduce the strain that travel puts on our most precious resource: Earth
  • What the travel policy for a modern travel program should cover
  • And more

This guide is useful for C-suite executives, travel managers, procurement, HR/People & Culture teams, risk & security, and operations managers who have a vested interest in the success of their organization’s managed travel program.

Questions? BCD Travel clients should contact their program manager or usual point of contact. Not a client? Start here.

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