Community of Doctors on board

Air France and KLM have set up the “Community of Doctors on Board” program to assist the crew in case of need during the flight.

Are you a doctor and would you like to volunteer as a doctor on board?

Air France and KLM welcome doctors to join the community. The Air France and KLM crews can then call on you directly and at your own discretion. You will receive Air France civil liability insurance and Miles or a voucher for your help in case of an intervention on board.

How to sign up

  1. You need a Flying Blue account to join the “Community of Doctors on Board”. To become a Flying Blue member, sign up here.
  2. Download the registration form for “Community of Doctors on Board”.
  3. Send the completed document, along with your diploma or medical license, to the email address indicated.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from our medical advisor confirming your registration.
  5. After your registration is validated, the Air France and KLM medical team will send you information on in-flight medical decision-making.

You may terminate your membership at any time.

Check the privacy policy for the Community of Doctors on Board program.

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