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Our commitment to delivering optimal service, products and solutions to help our customers improve sustainable business travel remains paramount. We recognize that customers judge their experience with BCD Travel in terms of cost, duty of care and service performance. Now more than ever, they also measure value by how closely our innovative solutions meet their shifting business travel and sustainability requirements.

BCD Travel as a trusted advisor on sustainability best practices

Our role is that of trusted advisor to our clients and in the travel industry. As part of our approach, we bring innovation to sustainability best practices. Our global sustainability management system has seen us continue to manage our impact on climate change, drive governance, ethics and compliance across our sphere of influence and ensure Diversity & Inclusion practices are implemented throughout our organization. We also continue to provide support to 44 community projects and our three human trafficking partners globally, despite the impact of COVID-19.

We know that the sustainability improvements that both BCD and our clients seek can only happen with change across our industry. Being an active participant in the conversation around sustainability is essential to driving this progress.

We take the role collaboration plays in sustainability to heart. Partnering with our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to enable change is an essential component of our sustainability program. We also work across BCD Travel, BCD Meetings & Events (BCD M&E) and Advito to drive our shared commitment to build a better future. Sustainability is a core, foundational focus for us – one that we must work toward together.

Partnering with our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to enable change is an essential component of our sustainability program.

Highlights in sustainability awareness, innovation and sustainable business travel

Our Vice President, Executive Chair Sustainability has continued with her position as Vice Chair of the GBTA Sustainability Committee. We also extended our influence further with an Advito sustainability leader joining the GBTA Sustainability Committee in 2021. Most recently, our Vice President, Executive Chair Sustainability was announced as one of the sustainability executives on the GBTA Sustainability Leadership Council.

Our sustainability team regularly present at industry events. They share the latest in sustainability best practices and identify how sustainability can be integrated across the full spectrum of travel management services.

We work closely with suppliers across the travel industry to promote environmental best practices. For example, in May 2021 Delta Air Lines and BCD signed  the first ever sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) agreement between an airline and a travel management company. The Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program offers companies like ours the opportunity to contribute to the usage and development of SAF.

Our consulting arm, Advito, are also building partnerships with offsetting and contribution companies to provide concrete recommendations and solutions to clients looking for the very best offsetting solutions.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) requested that one of Advito’s sustainability experts take on an educational role as part of their education and awareness courses. This position will incorporate teaching a cohort of sustainability students to further promote environmental best practices across our industry in a think tank format.

Our commitment to sustainability has seen us continue to develop our digital travel services to help our clients meet their sustainable business travel goals. We are capturing crucial data elements across every step of our clients’ travel activity to power our analytics, reporting, post-booking service capabilities and dashboards. We help our clients with actionable insights across their program, delivering carbon reporting for air, hotel and rail via our reporting platform DecisionSource®.

We also provide carbon offsetting solutions from our certified SolutionSource® third-party technology partners.

We help travelers make informed sustainable decisions at the point of sale through intuitive, tailored messaging, clear visual callouts and filters in both the online and agent-led booking tools. Our solutions make it easier for travelers to make the right choices when booking travel. Across all phases of a trip, we push timely intelligent messages to the traveler through our award-winning mobile application, TripSource®, to give them relevant and program-approved actions that remove friction from their trip, while still supporting program goals.

With the continued impact of COVID-19 on the traveler experience, the wellbeing of travelers has also never been more important. We offer a suite of solutions to drive a positive impact on employees’ overall health, wellbeing and travel experience – and they help our clients retain the best talent too.

Our clients can also benefit from Advito’s leading sustainability practice. They continue to push the boundaries on what it means to implement a sustainable travel program, from ISO certified carbon reporting to best in class sustainability traveler engagement campaigns.

Over the past year, Advito has significantly expanded their sustainability practice that leverages all areas of their expertise, including data integration, analytics and visualizations, traveler engagement, supplier sourcing and spend management.

Advito’s focus on sustainable business travel doesn’t just mean protecting the environment and addressing climate change, it also covers the social and governance elements of sustainability. To drive meaningful action, it’s key to integrate sustainability into everything from the travel policy to the employee wellbeing and duty of care strategies. This is an especially important factor as we move into a gradual recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to Advito’s website for more information.

Sustainable meetings and events

BCD M&E’s Global Sustainability Team have developed sustainability best practices for both their sustainability program and the service offerings available to clients.

The team have further streamlined their approach to drive consistency across regions, supported by the appointment of a Global Sustainability Coordinator. Key achievements include:

  • The Venue Evaluation solution, which includes a series of sustainability criteria to rank venues as part of the sourcing process and incorporate metrics into the event contract
  • The Event Scorecard solution, which includes extensive measures that can reduce the impact of an event. These can be adopted for an individual event or a wider meeting program
  • The Meetings Management Maturity Model is used to benchmark program performance. BCD M&E enhanced this model with new wellness, Diversity & Inclusion and sustainability criteria
  • The Guide to Sustainability in Meetings & Events provides key insights on sustainability in our industry, as well as ideas to reduce carbon emissions, food waste, plastics and paper. The guide outlines areas of the event to prioritize, who’s getting it right and actionable steps to take within each business area

Traveler duty of care

Our Global Crisis Management team is a 24/7 resource, helping companies keep their travelers safe.
We emphasize the importance of travel risk management with thought leadership, honing our expertise through continuous learning and certifications.

Being active thought leaders

With the release of ISO 31030:2021 Travel risk management – Guidance for organizations, BCD’s Traveler Security Program Assessment (TSPA) helps our clients align their travel risk management program with the global standard introduced by the International Organization for Standardization. We have published a series of nine short educational videos detailing ISO 31030 to drive further education and awareness on this important global standard.

In 2021 our travel risk management experts saw a 40% increase in demand to participate in presentations and webinars on topics related to travel risk management.

This included both internal and client educational forums, various webinars and BCD’s annual client event MindMeld. Topics included risk outlook, duty of care and digital health passes. We continue to support clients who have completed our TSPA with follow up guidance as they enhance their travel risk management programs.

Members of the Global Crisis Management team are active thought leaders throughout the travel risk management community. One team member volunteers on the National Standard Bodies (NSB) for ISO TC262 – Risk Management Committee, fostering continuous collaboration and education with risk management experts. The team director is also the co-chair of the Global Business Travel Association Europe Risk Committee and regularly participates in international forums.


2022 Sustainability Update

Our 2022 Sustainability Update summarizes activities, achievements and progress against our key performance indicators covering the calendar year 2021.

or download full 2021 Sustainability Report.

Overview, sustainability documents and leadership perspective

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