Service Performance

Customers judge their experience with BCD Travel in terms of cost, quality and service reliability. They also measure value by how closely our innovative solutions anticipate their business travel requirements.


Our comprehensive initiatives focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction to evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of travel activities, improve traveler
well-being and security, and to promote ethical business standards throughout their travel supply chain and stakeholder network.

Long-term commitment:

We are committed to deliver optimal service, products and performance value to our clients; improve travel program environmental and social impacts. We provide enhanced quality data to our travelers and empower travelers to make smart choices through effective engagement strategies.


  • Continued the implementation of Total Collaboration ManagementTM which incorporates virtual collaboration technology in customers’ travel programs to help reduce carbon footprints, lessen travel risk and stress.
  • Increased the number of TripSource® users by 53%. It’s BCD Travel’s digital service platform – a robust tool that gives clients and travelers greater control over the trip experience.
  • Achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for corporate data cleansing, accuracy processes and data center services.
  • We surveyed more than 86,000 travelers in 2017 to expand existing traveler engagement.
“Collaboration is the mainstay of any company with a diverse, dispersed and digital workforce. Virtual collaboration, while it’s not new, is fast becoming a critical component to business strategy as we become more connected around the globe. It shouldn’t be viewed just as a strategy to extend service; it’s also a way to engage travelers, deliver duty of care and expedite decision making.” Jeroen Hurkmans, Vice president, Advito

Total Collaboration Management™

Incorporates virtual collaboration technology in customers’ travel programs to help reduce carbon footprints, lessen travel risk and stress.

The virtual collaboration market is projected to double in the next four years as employees expect companies to offer better team collaboration options.

With the right program and technology in place, teams can work together from anywhere at a fraction of the cost, and without the productivity loss, stress and risk of travel.