Service performance


Customers judge their experience with BCD Travel in terms of cost, quality and service reliability. They measure how closely our innovative solutions anticipate their business travel requirements.


Our initiatives focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction to evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of travel activities, improve traveler wellbeing and security, and to promote ethical business standards throughout the travel supply chain and stakeholder network.

Long-term commitment

We are committed to deliver optimal service, products and performance value to our clients and to improve travel program environmental and social impacts. We provide enhanced quality data to our travelers, empowering them to make smart choices through effective engagement strategies.


  • Travelers are mobile and program management tools should be too. That’s why we created TripSource. Accessible from any connected device, TripSource ensures travelers can manage their entire trip in once place. And by providing real time information throughout their trip you can directly influence behavior, elevate traveler care and boost engagement. It’s your total trip management platform. Today there are over 1.2M registered users around the globe.
  • We launched SolutionSource®, a marketplace of authorized technology solutions that extend the corporate travel program and implemented SolutionSource® capabilities for 25 clients, surpassing our target.
  • Increased the participation rate in our traveler engagement survey by 52%.
  • Created BCD Energy, Resources and Marine Travel and relaunched BCD Government Travel to meet specific sector travel program requirements.

Success for BCD and our clients depends on our continued commitment to being simple, digital, adaptive and global


We simplify our business operations and our development strategies to increase efficiency and enable digital transformation.


We evolve our products, services and platforms to focus and capitalize on that digital transformation.


We’re ready to adapt when it adds value, defining and actively pursuing business models and organizational competencies that will keep BCD relevant long into the future.


We grow and focus our global network on consistent, superlative customer experiences.

When it comes to travel, business risk comes in many forms: lost productivity, frustration and personal safety. We use TripSource® to get important information about travel-related incidents to travelers just when they need it, and let them tell their company they’re safe if trouble strikes.

Collecting traveler feedback gives us a better understanding of how we’re doing, so we can improve solutions, processes and training to boost satisfaction. With robust program and traveler satisfaction surveys now in place across the globe, our focus is on giving internal teams direct, targeted access to customer feedback — and on driving action plans based on that input. Continuous, targeted improvement across all of our traveler touch-points sits at the heart of our customer experience vision.

With the launch of SolutionSource®, our clients can easily integrate third-party technologies to create custom programs for their specific needs. These partnerships allow our customers to optimize program spend, influence traveler behavior, drive operational efficiencies and improve duty of care.

Energy, Resources and Marine Travel

We extended our global travel management service to companies operating in the Energy, Resources and Marine (ERM) sectors.

ERM travel managers face the need to adapt to regular last-minute travel changes, access content that isn’t typically available in the GDS, adhere to billing requirements unique to their individual projects, arrange complex logistics that go beyond traditional agency booked travel (e.g., chartered flights, buses, helicopters) and provide duty of care to a workforce scattered farther and wider than those in other industries.

We address these unique needs with:

  • Dedicated, specialized ERM travel counselors and 24/7 agent availability to assist travelers all over the world
  • Access beyond traditional GDS content including specialized marine and offshore content, regional content, low-cost providers and non-traditional housing
  • Traveler tracking and asset mapping for duty of care
  • Incident and country risk mapping, impact alerts and access to a global crisis management team