Trane Technologies boosts TripSource use 88%, and hotel savings follow


Trane Technologies rolled out BCD Travel’s TripSource® self-service platform to travelers in six Latin American countries—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru.

The aim was to bring outside spend in through in-program hotel bookings, improve the traveler experience and drive savings. But six months later, adoption of the TripSource app was still low.


A new case study details how Trane Technologies partnered with BCD to solve the problem with a traveler outreach strategy. In English and Spanish we explained how TripSource increases travelers’ hotel choices; saves them time when booking hotels; and increases their safety because the company can find them in an emergency.


Travel team members used Skype sessions and surveys to follow up with travelers. Then, after they registered for the app, travelers received targeted messages before, during and after trips. The messages encouraged them to book hotels through TripSource; reminded them about benefits like in-room Wi-Fi; and asked them for feedback on their trip experiences.

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