Infographic: Traveler safety – At the hotel

When it comes to your personal safety, the pandemic is likely to be at the forefront of your thinking as you return to regular business travel. But you’ll also need to be mindful of the other risks you faced before the pandemic. As it may have been some time since you last traveled regularly, now might be the right time for a reminder of some of the things you can do to keep yourself safe.

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Before arriving at the hotel

  • Select a hotel close to the destination, taking care to avoid high-crime areas.
  • Choose a hotel with 24 hour staffed reception and controlled access to accommodation areas.
  • Check the hotel’s website to find out the latest on its COVID-19-related safety and hygiene protocols, as these may differ by property within the same chain.
  • Use online check-in, contactless payment, keyless entry to reduce face-to-face contact with hotel staff and queuing with other guests.

In your hotel room

  • Establish emergency evacuation plans and the location of the nearest emergency exit.
  • Ensure all locks are operational for all points of room access.
  • Confirm you can phone hotel staff or emergency services in an emergency.
  • Enhance your security and privacy using peephole covers and door jams.
  • Do not answer the door, unless expecting a visitor or room-service delivery.
  • Ask for identification from anyone trying to gain access to your room.
  • Store all valuables, including travel documents and passports, securely, and in a safe, if possible.

On arrival

  • Have a valet park your car to reduce the risks of the walk from the parking area to the hotel entrance (once this service resumes).
  • Request a room between the 3rd and 7th floor.
  • Do not disclose that you are traveling alone.
  • Consider taking a room on women-only floors if you are female and visiting a country with a gender-segregated society.

When out and about

  • Make it appear your room is occupied, by displaying the Do Not Disturb sign on the door or by leaving the television on.
  • Carry an offline record of the hotel address with you.
  • Keep your room key hidden and secure.
  • Never disclose your name or room number to other guests or strangers.
  • Remove the room key from the sleeve that often has your room number on it.
  • Try not to make it obvious when in the bar, restaurant or gym, that you are traveling alone.

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