30-second primer: Traveler Security Program Assessment

A new Traveler Security Program Assessment by BCD Travel helps your company gauge whether duty of care practices and policies are effective and comprehensive enough to cover today’s travel risks.

The assessment explores 11 core aspects of duty of care. It covers top-of-mind risks like extreme weather and terrorist attacks, and it also delves into scenarios like thefts, illnesses and accidents—events that grab fewer headlines but are much more likely to affect business travelers.

The Traveler Security Program Assessment helps you ask—and answer—questions such as:

  • What policies are in place around traveler risk? Are travelers aware of them?
  • Who’s responsible for which travel risks, i.e., do some aspects of traveler security fall under the travel program and others under corporate security?
  • What’s the protocol for travelers to request assistance on the road?
  • What’s the protocol for reaching out to travelers during and after a crisis?
  • Do travelers have a defined duty of loyalty to contact the company after a crisis? Are travelers aware of their responsibilities?

BCD Travel risk management experts work alongside your team in a one-day “discovery” session that benchmarks your company’s duty of care performance against best-in-industry practices. BCD documents the findings in a report you can use to plan for duty of care improvements that align with your business strategies.

Learn more about the Traveler Security Program Assessment and how other BCD Travel offerings, like TripSource® risk alerts, boost duty of care.