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All the hotel rooms your travelers want

Travelers want hotel options: their favorite global brands, boutique properties, facilities and locations. That need for choice can lead them to book outside your travel program, putting it at risk.

We make it easy to bring travelers back to your program with hotels they want and our shopping and booking platform, TripSource®, which makes sorting through all the options fast and easy. As always, there is an experienced, knowledgeable agent ready to assist if they chose not to go it alone.

With BCD Travel, you get room options aggregated from a wide range of content providers — in one place. Your business travelers can choose from hundreds of thousands of properties — including chain, independent and long-stay accommodations; the brands and boutiques they want; the facilities they expect; the neighborhoods convenient for their trip — all around the world. And since they’re booking within your travel program, you can be confident of security and savings.

Let’s work together to bring your travelers back.