Improve the experience

Today’s business traveler’s expectations are high. They want to shop and book independently using their favorite tools. No problem! With TripSource®, you provide an experience that’s inspired by the consumer platforms travelers love. And when they want or need that personal touch, traveler-focused our agents are there for them.


Feed their independence…and they’ll feed your travel program

82% of travelers say they’re happier with their travel program when allowed to do their own thing. Empower travelers to make their own decisions, all within your program. Our proprietary TripSource platform makes it easy for travelers to shop and book hotels whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

  • Self-book—with support and security
  • More choices than ever—including their favorite hotel brands and boutiques
  • Features that matter—photo galleries, TripAdvisor ratings, interactive maps
  • Superb browsing and booking experience—much like consumer websites

All bookings made through us, whether via agent or TripSource, flow into our DecisionSource® Intelligence & Analytics platform.

Support them on their terms

Travelers and travel arrangers can count on us throughout the trip to provide help on their terms, whether for a minor rebooking or a major disruption. Our agents are there when that extra personal touch and expertise is needed.

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