Give your travelers what they want.
And keep them in your travel program.

A lot of your travelers are probably booking hotels outside your travel program.
How can you take back control over missing hotel spend and their booking behavior?

Find out

Get your travelers back in your program

Start giving your travelers what they want: all the rooms and the best rates. And above all, make it easy.

Get all the rooms

Give your travelers the rooms they want: whether it’s a boutique hotel or one of the global brands. Get in touch with us today and let’s get your travelers back in your program.

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All the hotel rooms your travelers want.

Travelers want hotel options: their favorite global brands, boutique properties, facilities and locations. That need for choice can lead them to book outside your travel program, putting it at risk.

We make it easy to bring travelers back to your program with hotels they want and our shopping and booking platform, TripSource®, which makes sorting through all the options fast and easy. As always, there is an experienced, knowledgeable agent ready to assist if they chose not to go it alone.

All in one place

With BCD Travel, you get room options aggregated from a wide range of content providers — in one place. Your business travelers can choose from hundreds of thousands of properties — including chain, independent and long-stay accommodations; the brands and boutiques they want; the facilities they expect; the neighborhoods convenient for their trip — all around the world. And since they’re booking within your travel program, you can be confident of security and savings.

Book the best rates

Why waste time and money searching for the right hotel rate? Your travelers can get all the best rates in one place. Get in touch with us today and let’s get your travelers back in your program.

Or learn more about Dynamic Performance Management from Advito.

The best hotel rates. Period.

We source and combine millions of hotel rates for your travelers:

  • Direct rates
  • GDS rates
  • Third-party rates
  • BCD Travel rates
  • Client-negotiated rates

And there’s more. Many of our BCD Great Rates (part of our proprietary Global Hotel Program) come with amenities like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking and fitness center access. So, more value for the same or even for less money.
This all gives business travelers the shopping options that get them engaged and make smart decisions. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Sourcing hotels: yes! But where to start?

With Advito, our consulting arm, you get an average 11:1 ROI letting us do hotel sourcing for you. The secret?  Dynamic performance management, which helps you stay ahead of continuous changes in the hotel industry and global markets.

Make it easy

The best booking experience for your travelers and easy program management for you: from sourcing to reporting. Get in touch with us today and let’s get your travelers back in your program.

Or watch our video to learn more about TripSource®.

Easy does it

Worried that your business travelers spend too much time booking hotels? With TripSource®, they can book a company-preferred property in less than two minutes anywhere, anytime, on any device. TripSource offers the same experience as consumer booking sites and encourages your travelers to book through your travel program.

  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Advanced search features
  • Booking reminders

When your travelers book with BCD Travel, our agents are with them every step of their trip. From a minor rebooking to a major disruption, we’re there with the help they need.

Easy for you

With BCD Travel, it’s easy to deliver the best hotel program to your travelers. We’ve got your back, from sourcing to traveler engagement, shopping and booking, payment, duty of care and intelligence and analytics. And since hotel is just one piece of your travel program, you get even more value by partnering with us across your entire program.

How this will help you

Give your travelers what they want, and you’ll drive great results. Get full control over your travel spend and ensure your travelers’ safety. And give them access to the best booking experience, while boosting your hotel bottom line.

Back in control

We give your travelers what they want: all the rooms, the best rates and easy way to book them. We help them to get engaged, so that you can manage your program even better. Shall we get started?

Or watch our video to learn more about Traveler engagement from Advito.

Bring outside travel spend in

On average, only 50% of trip nights have a hotel booking attached to them. Business travelers might mean well, but booking outside your travel program causes problems in added cost and risk. With the hotel rooms they want, and the engagement you need, you can bring them back to your program.

Let travelers choose

Offer your travelers room choices that span their favorite global brands and independent boutique properties as well as corporate and consumer rate options. BCD Travel brings a full spectrum of hotels in one place for a simplified shopping and booking experience. Our content sources include:

  • the GDS
  • our own proprietary negotiated hotel program
  • your negotiated hotel program
  • hotel and accommodation content providers

This aggregated content gives your travelers millions of shopping opportunities — all in one place.

Engage your travelers

The success of your hotel program depends on your travelers being on board. We help you increase policy compliance, enhance program credibility and communicate program changes to your travelers.

Get the best experience

Give your travelers the best way to book all the rooms and rates they want. And start using the right tools that help you to make the most of your travel program. Shall we get started?

Or watch our video to learn more about TripSource®.

Improve the experience

Today’s business traveler’s expectations are high. They want to shop and book independently using their favorite tools. No problem! With TripSource®, you provide an experience that’s inspired by the consumer platforms travelers love. And when they want or need that personal touch, our agents are there for them.

How letting travelers making their own decisions will help you

82% of travelers under age 35 say they’re happier with their travel program when allowed to do their own thing. Empower travelers to make their own decisions, all within your program. TripSource makes it easy for travelers to shop and book hotels whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

  • Self-book — with support and security
  • More choices than ever — including their favorite hotel brands and boutiques
  • Features that matter — photo galleries, TripAdvisor ratings, interactive maps
  • Superb browsing and booking experience — much like consumer websites

All bookings made through us, whether via agent or TripSource, flow into our DecisionSource® Intelligence & Analytics platform.

Spend and save

Sourcing and audits can help you to get the best out of your supplier contracts and business travel budget. We’re here to support and guide you with this. Shall we get started?

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Boost your bottom line

Did you know that a company that spends about $5 million annually on hotels overpays them by $122,500? However, rate and availability audits could result in a saving of $225,000 instead. Hotel sourcing could bring you additional savings on your spend. Some things to keep in mind:

Source and audit

Some things to keep in mind to get started with sourcing and audits:

  • Take a non-traditional approach for sourcing; use both fixed and dynamic negotiations with preferred partners to be more effective.
  • Perform both standard GDS rate audits as well as rate availability audits; this combination will bring you more than a standard GDS rate audit only.

Next: analyze and act

Once you got the best hotel program in place, start analyzing your data and act upon it. With DecisionSource® Intelligence & Analytics, you can monitor traveler behavior and spend data for quick, precise decisions that improve your hotel program.

  • Check your total hotel spend
  • Measure hotel attachment
  • Track your performance against preferred hotel commitments
  • Spot and act on missed hotel opportunities
  • Monitor and influence traveler booking behavior
  • Get an even bigger picture by seeing your entire travel program performance

Safety first

With the right tools and solutions you’ll keep your travelers safe, wherever they are. You’ll reduce travel and program risks, and fulfill your duty of care. Shall we get started?

Or watch our video to learn more about traveler safety.

Keep your travelers safe

In today’s environment, the question is not if your company will face a crisis, but when. When crisis strikes, seconds count. Know where your business travelers are and if they’re impacted, and reach out quickly and precisely to offer help when they need it most. You can do all this when they book with BCD Travel.

Think ahead

Keep your business travelers safe through proactive and reactive strategies. Put processes in place that align and evolve with your internal security group. We’re flexible; that means you can use our solution to bridge a gap or fully cover all your travel risk management needs.

Respond quickly and precisely

Prepare your travelers for potential risks before their trip. Then keep track of them while they’re en route, anywhere in the world, and connect with them when a crisis occurs. Keep them safe with DecisionSource®:

  • Know where your travelers are at any moment with a color-coded, interactive map.
  • Reduce your risk with security reports and insight into potential security threats.
  • Know immediately when an event that impacts your travelers has occurred with 24/7 custom impact alerts.
  • Contact travelers to alert them of risks and ensure they are safe.

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