Get ready to go with our updated Back to Travel guide

BCD’s Back to Travel guide is a must read for travel program leaders who want to steer their companies back to safe, efficient and smart business trips.

We’ve refreshed our Back to Travel guide to help travel program leaders get back on the path to necessary business travel. Originally published in June 2020, the guide now reflects where we are today, including survey results on whether travelers will embrace digital health passes (DHPs) and details on why high-speed rail will play a larger role in business travel. Here’s a sneak peek: Travelers will embrace DHPs that are safe and easy to use. And, with a nod to sustainability, high-speed rail is gaining traction because trains are generally considered the “greenest” way to travel.

What’s updated or new?

  • A section on travelers with immunity and health passes
  • New insights on air, rail and ground transportation
  • Click-and-play access to the latest BCD webinars
  • Take-action checklists to measure your program’s strengths and plan for improvements
  • An overview of enhancements in our TripSource® app
  • Links to essential resources like our COVID-19 Information Hub

Who can use this?

This guide is for C-suite executives, travel managers, procurement, HR/People & Culture teams, risk & security, and operations managers.

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