Get back to human connections: A guide for managed travel programs

Get your travel program back to business with the strategic tips, post-pandemic advice, solutions and checklists in BCD’s Back to Travel guide. Now with new and refreshed content, insights, graphics/videos and a focus on business travel’s recovery.

The business travel industry is rounding a corner. By the end of February 2022, transaction levels were at 50% of pre-COVID levels. Business travelers are signaling their readiness to get going again. But since the industry’s focus has been on protection instead of connection for a long time, travel programs will need guidance to adjust to the current travel climate. program stakeholders understand what is expected of them, what they should do and when, and how to make the best decisions for their travelers and organizations in today’s travel environment.

The 2022 update outlines why and how travel program stakeholders should address the days’ top concerns: people risk management, geopolitics, sustainability, the need for adaptable digital solutions and more. Originally published in 2020 and now in its third update, the guide covers five essential program areas: Duty of Care, Traveler Communication, Spend Management, Sustainability and Travel Policy.

What’s inside this edition?

  • Duty of care and the shifts in risk management – The global pandemic has dominated people’s minds for almost the last two years. But as travel returns, it’s important to recognize that other risks haven’t gone away. Our expanded duty of care section includes insights on how the focus of risk management has pivoted towards the employee; BCD Alert; traveler wellbeing and cybersecurity.
  • A section on sustainability practices and integration into travel program – It’s imperative for business travel programs to reduce the strain that travel puts on our most precious resource: Earth. Learn what we’re doing to help ethically manage environmental, social and financial responsibilities to ensure business can keep going without limiting options for future generations.
  • Post-pandemic considerations and strategies for air, hotel and ground categories – Find out how new ways of thinking about spend management can help boost program performance and save your organization money.
  • Traveler engagement and communication suggestions to build traveler confidence back on the road.
  • Updated checklists to help assess your program’s recovery plans

Who can use this? C-suite executives, Travel Managers, Procurement, HR/People & Culture, Risk & Security, and Operations .

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