BCD Travel Talk: Shrink your carbon footprint and get ready to travel

Our recent online BCD Travel Talks covered reducing carbon emissions and navigating a safe return to travel as restrictions ease. Check out these previously recorded webcasts, featuring experts from the sustainability and risk and security specialties.

Webcast: Reduce your program’s carbon footprint

This BCD Travel Talk is all about CO2 emissions, climate change and steps you can take to reduce or offset your travel program’s carbon footprint. Subject matter experts from Climate Neutral Group, a BCD SolutionSource® partner, provide travel managers with valuable tips on how to help business travelers make the most sustainable choices while they’re traveling and how organizations can reduce and offset their carbon emissions to achieve their sustainability goals.

What you can expect?

  • What is the “Route To Net Zero” and where are we today
  • Tips to reduce your travel program’s footprint
  • How to create awareness with your travelers
  • How to set up a carbon reduction plan
  • The difference between reducing and offsetting
YouTube video

About the SolutionSource marketplace

BCD’s SolutionSource marketplace provides clients the ability and agility to customize their different travel programs – all on a global scale. BCD invests in our core products, but we can’t build everything ourselves. We partner with some of the world’s leading companies to provide clients solutions that can elevate their travel programs. Clients can select partners from the SolutionSource marketplace, or create in-house solutions with our APIs, available in the Developer Hub.

Webcast: Navigating a safe return to travel

 As countries carefully lift travel restrictions, travelers are ready to get back to human connections. Travel managers now face the challenge to reboot their travel program with a renewed focus on traveler health and safety. Dr. Lars Petersen, Regional Medical Director at International SOS, shares how organizations can navigate a safe return to travel. Int’l SOS is the world’s leading Medical & Travel Security Assistance company and a SolutionSource partner. Dr. Petersen helps support the company’s purpose of saving lives and protecting global workforces from health and security threats.

What you can expect?

  • How to navigate the complexity of travel
  • Top advice and recommendations for travel managers
  • Creating a mental health program for travelers
  • Boost the confidence of your travelers
  • Anticipating future challenges like climate change
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