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That’s why we created SolutionSource®, a marketplace of authorized third-party solutions that extend the corporate travel program. With SolutionSource, we’ve made it easy for you to discover and integrate best-of-breed technology providers into your program – allowing you to create a customized program that fits your unique needs. Learn more

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SolutionSource helps you optimize program spend, influence traveler behavior or drive operational efficiencies with solutions in the following categories:

Why we created SolutionSource

The number of emerging technology providers in the corporate travel industry is growing every day. Many of which offer unique and valuable solutions. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one centralized place where you could easily discover these technologies. By building a marketplace, not only are we able to give you visibility into the third-party solutions you can utilize in your travel program, but we’re also making it easier to integrate with these technology providers.

Are you ready?

Are emerging technologies a threat or opportunity to your travel program? One thing is for sure: they will disrupt the business travel industry. You need to be prepared. To help you with just that, we’re publishing a series of simple-to-understand papers. In this series we show you how these ‘new’ technologies impact sourcing, policy, communications, duty of care, payment and performance.

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SolutionSource in action

SolutionSource picked up the Grand Prix Thalys 2018 at the “Lauriers of Business Travel Awards”. The jury was particularly impressed by the innovative simplicity of the platform, which enables travel managers to customize and improve their travel program.

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