BCD Travel Talk: Get more out of your online booking tool

Self-booking through online booking tools (OBTs) saves time and resources and helps guide business travelers to policy-compliant decisions. This BCD Travel Talk explores how OBT technology can be used to support managed travel programs.

Watch Diederik Banken, Managing Director Benelux, BCD Travel, explain the benefits of an OBT and self-booking for both your business travelers and your organization. He also shares some tips and tricks to boost online adoption among travelers, helping improve your bottom line.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

• What is an online booking tool (OBT)
• How an OBT can help improve the bottom line
• How to promote self-booking through an OBT
• How to set up a traveler engagement strategy
• Tips and best practices to get the most out of an OBT investment

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