BCD research: Many business travelers don’t know what companies do to help keep them safe in high-risk places

Travel to high-risk destination requires special preparation and consideration for travel arrangers and business travelers. From physical safety to cybersecurity to vetted hotel accommodations, multiple risks must be factored into the trip. When asked about the precautions their organizations take for travel to high-risk destinations, more than one-third (36%) of the travelers interviewed this fall by BCD’s Research & Innovation team didn’t know what was being done on their behalf.

This could indicate that the organization does not communicate that type of support, or the traveler simply doesn’t have a need for that type of support. Almost one quarter of the 674 total survey participants indicated their company uses vetted hotel accommodations, with a further 18% using vetted ground transportation. The least offered precautions are satellite phones and GPS device tracking. Travelers most appreciate destination briefings, pre-trip vaccinations and access to hotels equipped with extra safety features.

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