Keep your travelers engaged at every stage of the trip

Provide your travelers with the consumer experience they’ve grown to expect

Travelers want ease, convenience and great service throughout their trip experience. This is especially important when an emergency occurs or they want to modify their plans. With the right engagement tools in place, your program will be more effective and confidence will grow.

As a BCD Travel customer, you and you travelers have access to TripSource®, a traveler engagement platform designed to provide greater control over the trip experience.

Keep travelers connected with everything they need at their fingertips:

  • Dynamic trip information
  • Smart communications relevant to their trips
  • Shopping and booking capabilities
  • Self-service and quick access to support
  • Policy guidance to influence travel behavior

TripSource can be accessed through the mobile app or website.

Either way, its sophisticated technology paired with consumer design that will boost the influence of your program.

Let us show you how we can help get your travelers engaged.

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Success story

LinkedIn launched a campaign to educate employees about travel program benefits and encourage them to use it. Traveler satisfaction rose to 84%, a 20-percentage-point increase…

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