Travel Smart videos help increase traveler adoption rates

Creating series of customized videos that engage travelers on a variety of travel program topics resulted in increased online adoption rates, better policy compliance and cost improvements.

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The challenge

Our client enjoyed a successful travel management program for many years. Travelers readily embraced the program—in fact, online adoption was 91 percent. To stay current, the program was often updated and our client needed an easy and convenient way to train their travelers on those changes.

The travel management team knew they’d never be able to schedule group trainings that worked with all of the travelers’ schedules. Their solution had to be simple; something the travelers could use at their own convenience.

The solution

Together with the client, our solution was to produce a library of self- paced training videos. This eliminated the need for group training and gave travelers the ability to view the content on their own time.

Based on their travelers’ commonly asked questions about the travel program and online booking tool, BCD’s training and development manager created a library of Travel Smart Videos.

The first video focused on the online booking tool’s changing look to address areas of possible confusion. The video was made available to travelers via our client’s portal and received extremely positive feedback from travelers. Soon after, we recorded three more videos: Booking in Advance; Online Changes & Exchanges; and Cancel & Void.

The Booking in Advance video highlighted the spike in airfare costs when tickets were purchased less than seven days in advance. The average spike was $110 to $300 or more. The video also introduced reason codes. If a traveler booked less than seven days out, they had to select a reason from a drop-down menu, which was then sent to their manager. The percentage of trips booked less than seven days in advance fell 4.1 percent in two years – from 15.2 percent to 11.1 percent. This resulted in more than $500,000 savings for our client.

The Online Changes & Exchanges video showed how travelers can save 40 percent in fees when they change or exchange tickets through their online booking tool instead of an agent. We determined this small behavior change could drive up to $100,000 in savings annually.

The Cancel & Void video encouraged travelers to cancel and void trips online to avoid service fees. In 2012, reports found that 3,832 reservations were cancelled over the phone. By moving these cancellations online, we estimate our client could save more than $55,000.

The result

With just four videos, online adoption rose from 91 percent to 93 percent. And this 2 percent increase in online transactions saved our client more than $25,000 in agent-assisted transaction fees.

The Travel Smart Videos library gave travelers anytime training access and proved invaluable for promoting key campaigns or initiatives. To date, we’ve produced 11 videos which continue to influence traveler behavior, boost adoption rates and deliver cost improvements.

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