Research Snapshot: Wellbeing and bleisure

Half of travelers are likely to combine business travel with leisure in 2022, thus, many appreciate bleisure support by employer.

In 2022, 50% of business travelers are likely to combine business travel with leisure, while a quarter aren’t yet sure. The interest in bleisure is rising, as half a year ago (in a survey from Aug. 2021), this indicatorwas 17 points lower.

We asked survey respondents about the work-life balance (WLB) support they could benefit from as business travelers and found out that many of the selected options are related to possibility of adding leisure elements to business trips.

Around a half of travelers would like to be able to add a few extra days to business trips, have a chance to bring a partner or work from any place. Also, many are interested in having additional time off work to compensate for business travel out of working hours or rest after longtrips.

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