Pitney Bowes saves $2.7 million with DecisionSource

Pitney Bowes’ travel policy adhered to best-in-class standards; nonetheless, many of its 15,000 employees weren’t following the policy when booking trips.

Their noncompliance drove up costs and made it difficult to keep track of travelers’ whereabouts—an important component of the company’s duty of care to employees.

The global technology company turned to DecisionSource®, BCD Travel’s proprietary data management tool, to better understand and manage traveler behavior. DecisionSource enabled customized Travel Report Card reports defined by business unit or line of business. Travel program leaders saw which departments had the biggest opportunity for improvement with noncompliant travelers.

Then they reached out to those departmental leaders and began educating travelers about the travel policy and why compliance matters—both to their safety and to the company’s bottom line.

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