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Industry expertise – Supporting pharma clients with their travel


Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly searching for tailored travel management solutions to meet their industry specific needs. BCD Travel and Concur Travel & Expense have partnered to build customized processes and solutions for our pharmaceuticals and healthcare clients, specifically targeting regulatory requirements and best practices.


Our unique platform integrations between BCD and Concur help us to increase online adoption and touchless bookings for our clients. While enhancing the traveler experience.

We deliver incremental benchmarking for the pharmaceutical industry so that our clients can leverage the BCD and Concur environment.

Together, we act as your trusted advisor, delivering best practices which meet the specific regulatory requirements of the industry.


  • 58 Pharma/Healthcare Concur Travel customers implemented in 38 countries
  • We built 258 Concur sites combining transient, VIP, candidate/recruit, profile only, third party meeting integration, doctors, speakers, contractors travel
  • We service them in 18 markets across EMEA, UK and Ireland representing 32% of global transient sites in this sector
  • We have developed an efficient way to configure the Concur/BCD platform to capture critical information

Customized benchmarking for:

  • Pre/Post Ticket Changes
  • Cancellations
  • Voids
  • Reporting

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