Patient centric support

Clinical trial support with patient-centric approach


  • Major global pharmaceutical client with presence in 13 countries
  • BCD supports both transient and meeting-related travel
  • Client acquired a biotechnology company whose program included patient travel for clinical trials
  • Client needed BCD to support patient travelers and their caregivers in a caring manner, while still adhering to company policy and healthcare privacy laws


  • BCD organized a special “voice of the customer” discussion to solicit patient travelers’ concerns and past experiences
  • Members of roundtable included the BCD agent team and program manager, the client’s travel manager, and past clinical trial patients
  • BCD documented patient needs and developed team guidelines for interacting with this specialized category of travelers


  • Agents supporting patients and their caregivers were instructed to:
    • make no assumptions
    • educate the traveler
    • ask questions
    • be very understanding
  • Billing was handled via BTA for air, and via direct bill for hotel
  • We safeguarded patient information in accordance with HIPPA regulations

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