Human and social value

Profit is an extremely important measure of any company’s success, but it’s not the only one. Another measure is how an organization’s employees treat others and how quick they are to help when a need arises. Some call this corporate social responsibility, or CSR. Whatever you call it, caring about people is a core value of ours, and the desire to help is part of our corporate culture. As we see it, there are three parts to human and social value:

If we don’t continually improve in meeting the market’s needs, our customers will turn somewhere else. But that fear doesn’t keep us up at night. We know if we continue attracting and retaining the best employees in the industry, our people will bring the innovation and hard work needed to serve clients better than anyone else.

We’re proud of the expertise and thought leadership we bring to the corporate travel industry. But we know knowledge alone doesn’t build trust. When they have a choice, people prefer working for companies that have heart. Businesses prefer suppliers who share their core values. And everyone embraces brands they think leave the world a better place.

What we do for employees

Creating a great workforce goes far beyond hiring top candidates. It also requires nurturing the qualified people we hire and helping them reach their full potential as employees. We believe that people want to do well and to feel proud about themselves in their jobs. We’ve spent years developing a comprehensive talent management program to give every employee a chance to do just that.

Our approach helps develop people who are driven to lead others and those who find their highest satisfaction in mastering their role in support of a bigger team. Because everyone, not just our company’s leadership team, deserves opportunities to feel good about their contributions. Our Confident Self approach engages employees at all levels in developing the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their current role and potential future roles.

The competency curriculum identifies training that supports each job, from basic skills to specialized ones. Confident Self is rooted in the belief that employees will thrive in an environment where they are empowered to succeed, and that will create success for them personally and for the company.

What we do for customers

Just as we focus on increasing security, wellness and productivity for our employees, we’re doing the same for our customers and their travelers. Business risk comes in all forms: lost productivity, frustration, traveler wear-and-tear and personal safety.

We’ve aligned training, technologies and best practices for our operations teams so they can be savvy, trusted advisers for every customer they interact with. Ongoing improvements in our DecisionSource® platform provide clients leading tools for travel risk management. Our traveler platform, TripSource®, keeps travelers informed and within reach if intervention is needed. With TripSource, travelers get important information about incidents and disruptions just when they need it.

We also keep our client data secure. Information security isn’t just a competitive differentiator—it demonstrates corporate stewardship of the data entrusted to us. We continue to refine the systems and procedures we’ve put in place to safe guard company and client data and curb fraud.

What we do for the world

Our desire to build human value isn’t limited to our own workplace. It goes beyond products and profits to being better global citizens. We want to do good with everything we do. That’s what our commitment to our CSR initiative is all about.

Investment in community begins with individuals. We support our employees’ efforts to improve their local communities through social investment, business relationships and charitable activities. Our passion for helping others benefits our clients and produces business success. We’re also tapping that same passion to brighten the future for people around the world. With the launch of the BCD Travel Foundation, we have a global channel for raising and distributing funds to improve children’s lives in poor communities.

We understand the impact that travel can have on our physical world. As a business engine, travel can be an empowering and a liberating force. It also consumes energy and produces carbon. While we benefit from a thriving travel industry, we’re also in a position to stimulate more sustainable practices, and we’re proud to lead that effort in our industry.

Our efforts to do good with everything we do helped us earn a gold ranking from EcoVadis, an independent assessment company measuring corporate social responsibility performance. We’re the only travel management company to achieve the top rating.

The GBTA Foundation’s Project ICARUS recognized us as recipient of the 2016 Sustainability Outstanding Achievement Award in the Travel Intermediary category. Underscoring initiatives in virtual collaboration, travel risk management and fraud mitigation, the recognition marked the second time in three years that BCD Travel won ICARUS recognition for its sustainability efforts.