Travel program intelligence and analytics

See how your travel program compares, across the region or around the world, against your goals, your peers or top performers and make the right changes to improve.

Savvy travel managers set smart goals, put into place plans and tactics to meet those goals and then track their progress along the way. But that takes more than just data. While it’s easy to get data, it can be a challenge to interpret and often only shows part of the picture.

The best way to really see how your program is performing is through business intelligence, which is a lot harder to find, but much more valuable. Our intelligence and analytics solutions combine data, business intelligence, advanced visualizations and drill down capabilities to give travel managers insight to make better decisions.

At a glance, you can see how you’re comparing against your goals, your peers and best performers. You can better predict the impact of your current performance and make quick and accurate decisions to improve future results. You can spot opportunities to improve sourcing opportunities that boost your bottom line. And you can better engagement management through compelling stories for quicker decisions.

If your program links to different travel partners around the world, we can give you ways to see your entire program at once.