Executive team

Our executive team brings together some of the most experienced, talented and industry-savvy people in corporate travel.

Anett Major – Country Manager of BCD Travel Hungary

Anett has 20 years industrial experience (both in airlines and travel agencies). She is responsible for the growth of the corporate industry, the reputation of the BCD Travel Hungary, the team’s compliance and for the main contracts with partners under Meetings and Events. Her major tasks are about people management, the companies local acquirement, the observation of the contract’s effectiveness and the quest of the best technical solutions in the market and its implementation of the local area.

Anett likes to discover new places, lands and countries, and to reload via cultural events, like in the theater or cinema. Every element of the tourism makes her alive, and of course, the smell of kerosene.

Mónika Grassely – Account and Implementation Manager of BCD Travel Hungary

Mónika gained experience in various fields of corporate travelling. For example, the customer- and product implementation, application of different online booking systems, and the sales and account management. She works for BCD Travel Hungary for 10 years now, with 20 years’ experience in the corporate travelling field.

She likes to spend all her free time with her daughter, but she also likes to travel, and her favorite is classical music.

Szilvia Szabó – Technology Manager of BCD Travel Hungary

Szilvia has 10 years of experience in the corporate travelling field, and she joined to the BCD Travel Hungary 7 years ago. Her responsibilities are to take care of their industrial contacts with the innovative mid/back office system, to fulfill implementational tasks, professional guidance, technical support and testing new products and programs.

She is a compulsive traveler, but at the same time, she likes to go to the theater and do yoga.

Lilla Kuller – Account Manager BCD Meetings and Events of BCD Travel Hungary

Lilla works in the travel industry for more than 5 years. She is the member of the BCD Travel Hungary for 3 years now. Her duties are to organize external conferences, internal events, trainings, team buildings, manage full organization of the incentive programs, the attendance in tenders and the composition of applications. Besides, she coordinates and controls the MICE department, as well as she represents BCD Meetings and Events with her attendance on conferences held abroad.

Lilla loves travelling, meet new cultures and people. Her motto is the Dalai Lama’s quote “Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”

Ádám Szersén – Office Manager of BCD Travel Hungary

Ádám came to the Vista Company Group 5 years ago, then he joined BCD Travel Hungary’s team 3 years ago. Primarily he is working as an air ticket agent. In the beginning he was an implant office manager for 2.5 years, before he became the manager of the head office 6 months ago. He rather calls himself a caretaker more than an office manager. His major task is to support and develop necessary processes and to observe the current systems’ verification in order to fulfill the company’s plans.

Interesting fact about Ádám, that he does not like travelling: his passion is music and being on the road with his motorcycle.