Internships/Training Programs

What is it?

Looking to begin a career in the travel industry as a Travel Consultant (Agent)? We have the opportunity for you! Our Travel Consultant Training in the USA and Canada is a PAID 10-week program teaching you the world of corporate travel management, airlines, hotel industries and more.

As a Travel Consultant, you will:

  • Arrange business travel for clients (via phone, email or chat).
  • Assist global travelers with service requests.
  • Delight customers with your expertise and recommendations.

Click here to apply for the Toronto/Mississauga location

How does it work?

The course is a 40-hour Monday-Friday work week in a classroom environment.

  • Weeks 1-6 – You get interactive instruction on using our systems and tools to fulfill business travel requests. At the end of each week you’ll be tested on what you learned.
  • Weeks 7-10 – The previous week’s training will be put into action by taking calls from our customers in a supported environment.
  • Graduation – You’ve successfully completed the training and you will be assigned to work with our clients. (Yay!!)

Click here to apply for the Pittsburgh location

Click here to apply for the Boise location

When can I start? (Locations/Schedule)

Class times & sessions vary throughout the year. Apply on our Travel Consultant Trainee site to be considered for a class.

Below are locations where TCT programs are conducted:

  • Boise, ID – Starts August 19th
  • Atlanta – Starts August 26th
  • Dallas – Starts September 30th
  • Pittsburgh – Starts October  14th

Our focus is to provide excellent service to our travelers—and you’ll be the first impression we make. Come join our team.

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The next generation of business travel professionals

Offered in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), our Management Associate Program (or MAP program) sends interns around the world to train for careers in the corporate travel industry.

Immersive career training

After our interns have finished their six-week trip around the world, they begin six-month internships in BCD Travel offices. Their positions are based on their college coursework and area of interest.

An award-winning talent program

MAP was named one of the top three Graduate and Trainee Recruitment Programs at the European Excellence Awards in Berlin.

– The International awards program singled out BCD’s efforts in tackling human resources challenges shared by the entire corporate travel industry, including rapid changes in technology and a need to attract more young people to offset retiring workers.

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