6 hotel features that business travelers really care about

Svenja Ullrich’s nearly 30 years in business travel taught her one sure thing about hotels: “Above all, business travelers just want to focus on their visit.” Ullrich, a senior manager for BCD Travel’s hotel programs in EMEA, offers insights into what business travelers really care about when they’re booking hotels.


“It all starts with location,” Ullrich said. “Business travelers prefer to be close to where their meetings are so they don’t waste time and money on local travel and don’t have to worry about getting everywhere on time.”

Wellness and safety

“Cleanliness and safety protocols are top of mind for travelers and suppliers,” Ullrich said. “Hotels are aware of travelers’ changing needs. They’re taking extra steps, like temperature checks, to make sure travelers feel safe and secure while away from home. Brands have brought experts on board to refine their sanitation practices. We’re seeing more flexibility in COVID-related cancellation policies and social distancing best practices are strictly enforced in common areas.”

Choice and cost

Business travelers may not be picking up the tab, but they care about how much their companies pay for hotel stays, Ullrich said. And they really care about their accommodation choices. That may lead an on-the-road employee to surf hotel-booking websites, but the rooms and rates they find there usually are not the best choices for a business traveler.

In addition, comparison shopping for hotels is time-consuming and outside travelers’ expertise. But, Ullrich said, BCD does have this expertise—with traveler-centric and platforms like TripSource®, knowledgeable agents, an understanding of hotels’ dynamic pricing strategies and access to hundreds of thousands of rooms and rates. “This enables us to find the best hotel that conforms to the customer’s travel policy and meets the traveler’s needs,” she explained.

Food and drink

“Breakfast is a must” for business travelers, Ullrich said. “You don’t want to waste valuable time looking for a coffee bar in the morning. Travelers will surely appreciate hotels offering convenient and safe refreshment and meal options.”


Business travelers want to be productive during a trip, Ullrich noted. “When choosing a hotel, make sure the room has reliable Wi-Fi and a comfortable desk.”

Personalized experience

Travelers should consider what aspects of a hotel stay are important to them and pass this information on to their BCD booking agents, Ullrich advised. “In the booking system, an agent can see which facilities and amenities are available at hotels, and we’re happy to give extra information or guidance. In addition, travelers who book hotels via our award-winning TripSource can see for themselves exactly which services a hotel offers.” Her parting advice, ask for what you want: “Hotels are often willing to meet travelers’ requests.”

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