Webinar recording: International SOS on Ukraine

Security and logistics experts International SOS hosted a 30-minute webinar on the evolving Ukraine conflict. Play back their on-the-ground insights for a situation assessment and recommendations.

International SOS hosted and recorded a webinar Feb. 25 in response to Russia’s large-scale invasion in Ukraine. The International SOS Group of Companies is in the business of saving lives and protecting global workforces from health and security threats. Watch the recording below to hear directly from their intelligence experts on the current state; economic, travel and safety concerns; the implications for neighboring countries; and Int’l SOS recommendations and answers to common questions.

Why this is important for travel teams:

See Video here.

Short on time? Here are the timestamps:

  • Expert introductions and the situation assessment (on Feb. 25): 1:26 – 6:20
  • Risks for civilian air traffic: 6:21 – 6:50
  • Details on security threats in Russia 6:50 – 8:10
  • Closed airspaces and more potential closures 8:10 – 9:11
  • Material impacts to Russia: 9:12 – 10:30
  • The impact on neighboring countries: 10:30 – 12:20
  • FAQs & Recommendations
    • Report: optics from the ground: 12:41 – 17:12
    • Considerations for domestic employees: 17:12 – 20:55
    • Evacuation options: 20:55 – 24:15
    • Advice to those in Ukraine/business continuity procedures: 24:16 – 25:29
    • Considerations for Russian nationals in Ukraine: 25:30 – 26:15
    • Audience Q&A: 26:15 – 33:30

About International SOS

Wherever you are, International SOS delivers customized health and security risk management and wellbeing solutions to fuel growth and productivity.

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