BCD TV: Key takeaways from the first-ever GBTA Sustainability Summit

Reducing emissions must be part of our game plan today to make sure we can still connect people and travel for business tomorrow. In a new video from BCD TV, April Bridgeman, Managing Director, Advito, and SVP Hotel Solutions, BCD Travel, points to steps business travelers and travel arrangers can take now to help decarbonize business travel.

Bridgeman took part in GBTA’s first-ever Global Sustainability Summit, held during their 2022 convention in Brussels. The one-day event brought together experts, industry and policy leaders to outline concrete sustainability solutions.

Bridgeman, who is also a member of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Sustainability Leadership Council, advised travel managers to educate their travelers about sustainability and emission reduction. And it’s not only about reducing emissions; it’s also important to think through the social and governance impacts.

For trip planning, Bridgeman said travelers and arrangers should try the N.E.R.D. strategy:

  • N: Choose a new aircraft when possible
  • E: Fly economy class
  • R: Choose a better route
  • D: Fly direct, non-stop where possible

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