Lufthansa Allegris marks the dawn of a new era of travel

Lufthansa Allegris is the new travel experience on long-haul routes that puts travelers at the forefront. Starting in early 2024, Lufthansa is taking travel to a new level across all classes, by rethinking seats, cabins, and services from the ground up.

Can Travel Be Thought of in a New and Personal Way?

The beauty of travel lies in the unique blend of people, cultures, and stories that come together on board flights. Lufthansa Allegris reflects the desires of passengers to have a travel experience tailored to their wishes and requirements.

Lufthansa Allegris is all about individual well-being in the world of travel. Every traveler has different needs – from private trips to business endeavors, from solo adventures to family escapades. The reasons for traveling are as diverse as the traveler themselves. Lufthansa Allegris invites every traveler to take a seat and find their comfort zone as the travel experience is redefined to meet their expectations.

“A Promise to Focus on You”

Lufthansa Allegris is a promise to focus on each individual traveler with a revolutionary approach, rethinking seats, cabins, and services. The first Lufthansa Allegris flight will take off in 2024, making flying more personal than ever before. Welcome to Lufthansa Allegris.

“Made for You” – Discover the New Travel Classes

Lufthansa Allegris has transformed every travel class to make travelers feel at home on every single flight. Whether they’re in Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class, they can look forward to individual and highly personalized moments of well-being above the clouds.

First Class

In the new First Class, passengers will experience flying like never before. Whether traveling alone or with a companion, maximum privacy and comfort await them in these spacious suites. Personalized features like a 10-inch tablet for controlling their seat, lighting, and entertainment functions make their journey unforgettable. The First Class Suites feature exceptionally comfortable seating with heating and cooling functions, a spacious table for top-quality meals or work, a personal wardrobe, and a completely closable door for total privacy.

Business Class

The new Business Class offers flexibility and personalization with seven different seat options, individually adjustable seating, maximum privacy, and exceptional entertainment. Whether the passenger values an Extra Long Bed, a Privacy Seat, a Double Seat when traveling with their loved ones, or the renowned Classic Seat, Lufthansa Allegris Business Class can meet all their needs.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy Class promises more privacy, comfort, and space for the passenger for an individual travel experience, with features like adjustable seating positions and ample legroom.

Economy Class

Even in Economy Class, the passenger can enjoy comfortable and excellent service. Modern seats, brilliant 4K monitors, and Bluetooth connectivity for inflight entertainment ensure a pleasant journey. For even more personal space and comfort, they can opt for the Economy Class Legroom Seat or book an empty seat next to them.

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