In the news: Cloud tourism and travel recovery in China

Jonathan Kao, Managing Director of Greater China at BCD Travel, appeared on China Global Television Network’s newscast to talk about virtual travel and travel recovery in the region.

Cloud tourism, cloud travel and virtual travel all refer to online tourism with network and technology as the carrier. The practiced proved valuable in the pandemic, allowing house bound viewers to tune in for livestream experiences, e.g., art shows, museum tours, concerts, outdoor excursions and more.

Jonathan Kao, Managing Director, Greater China for BCD Travel

During a five-minute broadcast, Kao gave his perspective on:

  • Will cloud tourism fade in popularity as travel restrictions lift?
  • Can virtual travel be monetized?
  • How has global travel been affected by the loss of revenue from Chinese tourists, one of the biggest spending groups in the world?
  • What will travel industry recovery look like in China?
  • What is the prospect of international tourists returning to China?

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