Groupize: Managing meetings includes duty of care and risk mitigation

Groupize, a BCD marketplace partner, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing meetings from Small to Strategic and everything in between. It is one solution for internal and external meetings and small and large events and is ideal for both occasional and professional planners.

In-person meetings, which account for 43% of T&E spend, are often managed offline and fraught with risk and compliance problems. While one-day meetings used to be the status quo, multi-day events have surged. Those lasting four to seven days have increased by 43%. With these new patterns comes a new category of travelers. And a new category of planners – occasional organizers. 

In organizations without meeting tech, meetings are often planned without oversight, visibility, or controls, leading to a host of problems beyond overspending. However, with the adoption of centralized meeting technology, companies cannot only improve duty of care but also mitigate various risks, including contractual, regulatory, and reputational.  

Conference and internal meetings are top 2 reasons for corporate travel

In 2024, the top two reasons for corporate travel are conferences and internal meetings. Travel managers’ primary role is ensuring traveler experience, duty of care, spend management, and supplier optimization, and this now extends to meetings. 

Working in tandem with the Meetings Manager, Travel Managers should ensure that meeting tech can scale and support enterprise-wide collaboration with features like unlimited events and users.  

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