End the invoice wait with BCD Pay Digital Invoice Management

Go from days of waiting for an invoice to 10 seconds with BCD’s digital service. Designed to help teams quickly and easily search across all BCD Travel invoices and invoice data, BCD Pay Digital Invoice Management allows travel managements teams to eliminate the hassle of existing manual processes.

Digital Invoice Management is part of  BCD Pay™, our suite of solutions that use artificial intelligence, machine learning and open APIs to simplify, digitize and automate corporate travel payment, reconciliation, and invoice management. Introduced in 2022, BCD Pay transforms the experience of travelers, travel managers, accounting and finance teams.

BCD Pay removes friction and pain points in T&E spend management

Digital Invoice Management addresses a main pain point for travel program stakeholders: managing the quality of expense and spend data. Missing invoices and incomplete invoice data results in time lost for travel managers and finance teams and expense reimbursement delays for travelers.

Search and view results your way

When you perform a search on Digital Invoice Management, you can determine what information you want to see on the search result and export the results to your financial management system. You can also filter invoice information by traveler country, transaction type, product and date range.

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