Digital health passes: A BCD Travel video

Here’s what you need to know about digital health passes, explained by BCD crisis expert Jorge Mesa.

The return to safe travel will be supported by multiple solutions — among them, the digital health passes being developed by technology firms, airlines, international organizations and governments with the aim of validating the authenticity of a traveler’s COVID-19 test results or vaccination records. As fully functioning apps, DHPs act as an information source and means of communication for all parties involved in travel. They make it easier to enter certain destinations or get exemptions from restrictions or testing.

Confused about what it all means? Watch and learn with BCD crisis expert Jorge Mesa.

To help standardize the uses of DHPs, the Good Health Pass Collaborative is working to develop the Good Health Pass Collaborative Interoperability Blueprint for privacy-protecting, user-controlled, globally interoperable, and universally accepted digital health pass systems. BCD is the first travel management company to become a member of the Good Health Pass Collaborative and supports the development of a standard blueprint, so compliant passes will be universally recognized and accepted by airlines, airports, and border control agencies around the world.

Jorge Mesa, Director, Global Crisis Management, BCD Travel

“We celebrate the publication of the Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint. This is the result of great collaboration and hard work from more than 125 companies from the technology, health, and travel and tourism industries. We endorse this blueprint as an important step to restoring a safe return to global travel and we continue to be committed to providing guidance to our clients,” said Mesa, BCD’s director of Global Crisis Management.

Meet Jorge Mesa

Jorge Mesa is a founding member of BCD’s Global Crisis Management department. He helps companies fulfill their duty of care obligations by helping them develop travel risk management plans, monitoring traveler exposure to risk during trips, and ensuring rapid intervention if an incident takes place. His team provides 24×7 support service, incident monitoring, crisis communication and coordination with third-party security providers. He also helps companies evaluate their travel risk management program’s maturity and provides benchmarking against industry standards.

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