BCD Meetings & Events: What’s trending 2022

Insights and strategic tips from BCD M&E leaders around the world. The meetings and event industry saw extreme challenges in 2021, but the tough year proved one thing: businesses need meetings and events and face-to-face interaction to drive their objectives forward.

BCD Meetings & Events has published a new report for 2022, sharing the lessons they’ll use to come out stronger and better positioned for future success. The report, What’s trending 2022, features BCD M&E leaders and experts from around the globe, sharing their insights on how to best plan future events with creativity, data analysis and crisis management best practices.

Report contributors point to hybrid options, sustainability, and strategic meetings management programs (SMMPs) as top elements for planners, regardless of region. Looking ahead to 2022, they predict event planners will shift into greater roles as event designers. Taking a logistics-only approach to planning is no longer sufficient; event planners will need to design events with attendee engagement in mind. Meeting tracks must be strategically and carefully developed to deliver impact to attendees and ROI to stakeholders.

Download the report for research on:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Hybrid meeting trends
  • Duty of care
  • And more

For help planning your next meeting or event, get in touch with the strategists, artists and planners at BCD M&E.

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