Ask BCD Meetings & Events: Will volumes return to 2019 levels?

The meetings and events industry saw its share of ups and downs in the last 18 months. Bruce Morgan, Chief Operating Officer for BCD Meetings & Events, said his team is turning the lessons from that time into a vision for recovery. Check out his video: Will meetings and events volumes return to 2019 levels?

The biggest lesson BCD Meetings & Events learned over the past couple of years is that people need to connect with stakeholders and audiences. When face-to-face meetings were a challenge, BCDM&E found ways to make sure connections never ceased.

In 2021, the team managed 25,000+ meetings and events, including:

  • 14,000 face-to-face
  • 10,000 virtual
  • 1,000+ hybrid

Hit the play button to hear BCDM&E COO Bruce Morgan explain how his team is using what they learned in the downturn to build back smarter with the footprint, services and resources that customers need.


The meetings and event industry saw challenges over the past two years, but the tough time proved one thing: businesses need face-to-face interaction to drive their objectives forward.

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