4 tips for business travelers headed back on the road

Business traveler safety tips from BCD Travel

Some things may have changed since you last took a business trip. As you prepare to travel again, check out these tips from BCD Travel’s Research & Innovation and Global Crisis Management teams.

1. Do your research
Check your company’s travel policy for pre-trip approvals, driving restrictions, insurance requirements, and hotel safety and hygiene protocols. Make sure you understand your destination’s entry/exit requirements and the rules for lockdown, restrictions, quarantine, etc.

2. Get organized
Schedule required COVID-19 tests for departure and return. Check the validity of your passport and/or government ID, credit and other payment cards, loyalty program and other memberships. Gather all travel document, including COVID-19 test results, vaccine certificates, passport/ID, credit cards. Take photos and print copies for yourself and your emergency contact. If you’re using a digital health pass system, make sure it’s accepted by your destination and all airlines in your itinerary.

Tips for business travelers

3. Travel safe
Arrive at the airport earlier than usual and expect to spend more time being processed. Minimize physical touchpoints by checking in online for flights and hotels and using apps and contactless payments, when possible. If returning from an international trip, schedule any pre-departure/on-arrival tests and arrange any quarantine.

4. Prepare for emergencies
Create a list of important numbers and contact. Save the numbers in your phone and print out a physical copy as backup. The list should include your 24/7 medical or security assistance contact, local emergency services numbers, and the location of the nearest embassy or consulate.

Make sure you pack any prescribed medication, allowing more than you need for the duration of your trip. Bring your own COVID-19 health kit, comprising masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, medication, water bottle.

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